2016 American Royal Triple Crown: The Grand Champion Steak Streak Continues

2016 American Royal Triple Crown: The Grand Champion Steak Streak Continues

Three years straight? As the farm with the best grass fed steak. We too wondered if it could be done. As December rolled in there was still no word yet on which farm was crowned as 2016 Grand Champion of the 5th Annual American Royal Steak Competition. Usually we'd heard the news by then if we'd won. We began to question if it had been another farm who got the early word and honor this year. But not long after, we were informed by the Kansas City based American Royal Association that we were again chosen as Grand Champion. That makes it three years consecutively back to back to back.

Our home state of Nebraska has a strong reputation of raising the highest quality beef in the country. But grass fed too? You bet! It may seem ironic given that in our area of the state we are surrounded by fields of corn and confinement feedlots. Being a little different doesn't prevent us from raising grass fed and grass finished beef.

We are certainly proud of the accomplishment. But most of all we are also proud that we have the privilege and opportunity of sharing that same wonderful and quality grass fed eating experience with you as well. Our farm does not submit any particular or specifically chosen steak from a favored steer or heifer for the competition. The steak submitted was of a cut from the exact same stock that we provide access to for all of our customers. So you can be rest assured that you'll receive grass fed meat of the exact same consistent quality that made the judge's taste buds dance.

Not once. Not twice. But three times.

It's nice to know that at the end of long day's work our own rough dirty hands are what create the best tasting steaks and beef around. There's a lot of sweat and hard work that stands behind each savory bite. And you can conveniently bring that taste into your kitchen or grill at anytime without stepping a foot outside of your home with our doorstep delivery.

Healthy food shouldn't taste unpleasant. It should taste delicious! Our beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. Raised without antibiotics or hormones. Our farm has that part all figured out so you you won't need to worry or wonder about what exactly you're eating or where it came from. That's our transparency. You can just sit back and enjoy the flavor of every bite.

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