Our Story

Cows grazing at sunset

We are a family and pasture based farm located in Plainview, Nebraska dedicated to transparency, environmental stewardship, healthy food, healthy livestock, and healthy people. We believe in getting our hands dirty and doing the hard work it takes. Our fascination with our livestock, grass pastures, soil, and personal health has manifested into an exciting journey. A journey that allows us to bring the meats we raise directly to you.

Our farm passionately serves you and your family with the most nutritious pasture raised meats we possibly can. We want you to be worry free with the satisfaction of knowing everything about the meat you receive from our farm.

The path has not been easy but seeing the appreciation from the very start has strengthened our commitment. We tackle the many challenges and barriers which prevent most sustainable farms from serving you directly. From our farm's perspective this is the only way that allows us to be the best stewards we need to be.

So here we are. A single farm in a sea of many. Doing our part to evolve and improve a broken food system. And the future of our farm and others like us rests with you and depends on your support.

The Families


Todd and Jenny Hatcher

Todd and Jenny are married with a daughter and son. In 2012 they took the leap and began their journey into grass-based farming and grass fed livestock.

That decision was driven by passion and a strong willingness to produce healthier food and help create more options for health conscious individuals and families. They found welcoming company along side of other similar minded farmers and cattlemen.

It was quite a change as they both grew up living in Omaha, Nebraska. Prior to the adventure Jenny had worked as a nurse in a large hospital and Todd was a web-software developer. Both enjoy the different pace of life around cattle and the farm.


Dean and Sally Jo Choat

Dean and Sally Jo are raising their young family on the farm. Dean grew up on a family farm near Albion, Nebraska and has been involved in farming most of his life. During the past decade Dean became interested in grass-based farming and began experimenting extensively with innovative methods of pasture and grazing management.

Dean and Sally Jo's boys are also getting their share experience with grass fed livestock by managing their own herd of sheep and raising the lambs.


Wayne and Judy Rasmussen

Wayne and Judy have been married for almost 50 years and have successfully raised two daughters and two sons. Wayne is a natural pioneer, leader, and mentor.

Having been on the land his entire life, Wayne tries to share much of the wisdom he has accumulated hands-on throughout his lifetime. He has helped to prepare the younger generations for a life in agriculture. When he is not working around the farm he is likely making voluntary and charitable contributions to others or organizations he is involved with.

Wayne is a founding member and the Chairman of the Grassfed Exchange. The Grassfed Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that organizes an annual conference dedicated to bringing together and educating fellow farmers and ranchers about all aspects related to grass-based farming and grassfed livestock.

Wayne is also the Director of Northeast Nebraska for the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition. The organization is focused on helping to improve the grazing lands of ranchers and cattlemen in Nebraska.