Filet Mignon (8 oz.)

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The king of steaks. Treat yourself like royalty with our farm's thickest and most tender steak, the tenderloin filet mignon. You won't find a steak that offers this kind of eating experience anywhere else.
Portion Size

8.0 oz (Approx.) Product weights may vary slightly.

How It Was Raised
  • 100% Grassfed and Grass-finished
  • No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Steroids
  • Dry aged (2 weeks), hand cut, USDA-inspected
  • Product shipped frozen.
  • Limited supply. Orders are processed in the order they are received.
  • Seller is not liable for any damaged or lost packages due to customer or shipping carrier error.
  • Package weights and sizes are only our most reasonable approximations. The actual weights of the individual product packages you receive may vary.
  • Product is vacuum sealed cryovac or paper wrapped packaging.

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